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Nov 10, 2015

The home of Australia’s Nanny to the Stars



Hi everyone and thank you so much for joining me!  I am so excited to finally have my very own blog that I’ll be updating a couple of times per week and sharing with you some of my best tips on how I work as a nanny.  I look forward to getting to know you all and hope you come along for the journey!

There will be all kinds of topics covered on this blog, including diary entries, the life of a celebrity nanny, personal journal entries, what I like to do in my time off and everything to do with being a nanny – from meals to sleeping strategies, play activities and even housekeeping tips that can make your life a great deal easier.

Before I go on I would LOVE to thank the Cupcake Queens for these delicious Philippa Christian complimentary cupcakes to celebrate the launch of my new blog – thank you so very much girls!  The Cupcake Queens have THE BEST CUPCAKES IN TOWN and always look after me so well – next time you are craving some cake (well if you’re like me, isn’t that always?) make sure you visit them –


As you can imagine, there are a few butterflies flying around in my stomach right now as having your own blog and the responsibilities that come with it, are making me a bit nervous so to get things off to a ‘flying’ start, If you would like to ask me a question, request a blog about a certain topic, receive emails of when my blog has been updated and apply for giveaways and competitions, please let me know by clicking here, Become a Member, which means we’ll get to know one another very soon and hopefully things will feel a little more settled!

Great to have you with me from the beginning!

And look forward to hearing from you.
All the best,





Nov 6, 2015

SUPER kids in the SUPERmarket

For Parents

“Could the children and their parents in the Fruit and Vegetable area please stop juggling with our tomatoes?”


Let’s be honest, there are probably a million and one things we would all prefer to be doing than visiting the supermarket with children – they get bored, they want to run around, they love to place some of their favourite items in the trolley within the split second that you have your eyes turned  and they love to pester you for lollies or chocolates.  Let me tell you – it doesn’t have to be like this!

Here are a few quick and simple ideas to make your grocery shopping experience with children, more enjoyable, more peaceful and more efficient, so you can be in and out as quickly as possible!

1.  Have a ‘pep talk’ before entering the supermarket.  Tell your little ones your expectations and any rules you may have, for example, “When we are in the supermarket, we need to use our ‘inside voices’ – and if you are well behaved, we might make a visit to the park later.”

2.  Park as close to the trolleys as you can.  This makes everything a lot safer!  The little ones can be transferred directly from the car and in to the trolley, and vice versa when you are leaving.  The minimal time you have with your little ones in car parks – the better!

3.  Make sure the children are well rested.  Avoid taking them close to, or during their daily scheduled nap time as ‘smooth sailing’ is the desired outcome.

4.  Make the kids their own supermarket lists, (see below).  This visual game of ‘I spy’ should entertain them for some time.  Don’t make the list too long so they decide to give up, and don’t make it too short either so that the game is over before you know it.  As you can see, I have put 8 items on each of the children’s lists and have written the words in my easy to read writing and accompany each word with an illustrated picture of the item (don’t worry if you can’t draw – they’ll get the idea).

5.  Confine the children if possible.  The seats in the trolley are great for this!
Otherwise, have the children walk beside you or in front of you so that you can see them at all times.
It is always handy to have some small things in your handbag that you can give to your little ones if they begin to get restless.

6.  Make each supermarket trip a teaching opportunity!  For toddlers, you might like to discuss the names of the fruits and vegetables, how many of each you are placing into the trolley and what colours the fruits and vegetables are.  For school aged children, you may like to have the discussion of what are some examples of ‘sometimes foods’ and what items are for ‘all the time foods.’ For older children, you might like to get them to download the app on your phone, of the supermarket that you are in and search for the food items that you are purchasing. You can discuss the latest specials with them and even use the app’s scanner on each of the products.  Older children may want to push the trolley. They could try this for a while.

7.  It’s a great idea to categorise your own shopping list into the aisles within the supermarket so you can be in and out of there in a flash!

8.  Here are a few ideas you could consider on your next trip:
- The children could use the mini trolleys but I would only suggest this if you are visiting at a non-peak time.

- Coles have a couple of interactive animal noise stations near the milk and the eggs.  They are very popular with children.  It might mean you have to lift them out of the trolley and watch them for a couple of minutes but this again, is for the times the supermarket is not busy.

- You can have your little ones help you place the items on the conveyer belt at the check out explaining and showing them where and how to place the groceries carefully.

- After you have purchased your groceries, the children may like to donate some coins to the Guide Dogs of Australia organisation – every child I have ever known has loved this opportunity!

9.  If all else fails, and the whole experience might be just too much for everyone, then here are a couple of examples that could save you the trouble of shopping with children:
- Take an occasional trip to a Costco store for buying certain items in bulk.

- Consider online shopping for times when you may be too busy to make a trip to the supermarket.  An average delivery costs around ten dollars but there are certain times during the week when the supermarkets will deliver your groceries free of charge.

- Consider getting your fruits and vegetables delivered from fresh farming companies each week.  I don’t personally ever get fruits and vegetables delivered from the supermarkets because they can often arrive in bad condition.

- If you are able to do your grocery shopping alone, try to avoid the ‘peak hour rush.’  The best times to go are during the week in the morning or in the middle of the day when most people are at work.  Late at night can be good as well, although there may be a chance that certain items may not be on the shelves by then.  Avoid shopping after 5pm, on pay days and on public holidays.

- Just one more thing, Coles do offer wipes near their trolley area so you can clean your hands as well as the children’s hands, after you have finished your shopping.  I actually take a couple of extras just to do a double wipe before I put the children into the car.